Channing Methods Seminar

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——————————————————————–        2024        ————————————————————————–

06/18/2024 Fei Wang (Weill Cornell Medicine) : TBD

05/07/2024 Gordana Ispirova (BWH & HMS): TBD

04/30/2024 Sune Lehmann (Technical University of Denmark): Using sequences of life-events to predict human lives

04/23/2024 Fabian Theis (German Research Center for Environmental Health): TBD

03/26/2024 Georg Hahn (BWH & HMS): Prediction of disease-free survival for precision medicine using cooperative learning on multi-omic data

03/12/2024 Liyun He (BWH & PUMCH): Advancing Metabolic Disease Care through Data-Driven Research

02/27/2024 Jianyang Zeng (Westlake University) : Machine Learning for Modeling Biological Data

02/13/2024 James Zou (Stanford University) : Graph neural networks and generative AI for spatial biology and pathology

02/06/2024 Samuel Boyd: Multi-omic and network analyses after O-GlcNAc alteration identifies cellular processes which promote liver aneuploidy

——————————————————————–        2023        ————————————————————————–

12/19/2023 Anna Neufeld : Data thinning to overcome double dipping

12/5/2023   Weijie Su : A Law of Data Separation in Deep Learning

11/21/2023 Santo Fortunato : Community detection in biological networks: problems, solutions and help from AI

11/7/2023  Carlo Maj : Deriving sparse polygenic risk models via statistical boosting on large genotype datasets: a phenome-wide analysis of the UK Biobank 

10/24/2023 Julian Hecker : Detecting parent-of-origin effects on omics data

10/10/2023 Qiang Zhang : Language and Knowledge driven Scientific Discovery

09/26/2023 Jörg Menche : Network medicine beyond protein-protein interactions

09/12/2023 Tinashe Chikowore : Utility of recall-by-genotype approach for causal inference of drug target side-effects

06/13/2023 Bonn Stephan: Integration of large biomedical data to robustly predict and understand human disease

05/30/2023 Yizhou Sun: Neural-Symbolic Reasoning on Knowledge Graphs

05/16/2023 Luca Becchetti: The Fair Densest Subgraph Problem and its Applications

05/02/2023 Margherita De Marzio: The role of vitamin D in autism: a network study

04/11/2023 Benjamin Gyori : Accelerating biomedical discovery with large-scale mechanistic knowledge assembly and model generation

03/07/2023 Enrico Maiorino: Descriptive vs. inferential community detection

02/28/2023 Can Chen : Deciphering Biological Networks through Hypergraph Learning

02/07/2023 Marinka Zitnik: Graph AI to Enable Precision Medicine

01/24/2023 Yi Zhao: Principal regression for covariance matrix outcomes with applications in neuroimaging data

01/10/2023 Mike McGeachie: A History of AI and Machine Learning

——————————————————————–        2022        ————————————————————————–

04/29/2022 Jean-Gabriel Young: Uncertain Network Science: Existing Methods and Next Steps

05/06/2022 Hillel Sanhedrai: Reviving a failed network through microscopic interventions

06/03/2022 Istvan Kovacs: Emergence of functional interactions in complex systems

06/17/2022 Pan Zhang: Computation with Tensor Networks

09/13/2022 Vince Carey: De-siloing Genomic Data Science

09/27/2022 Peter Castaldi: Learning from Biological Data with Interpretable Machine Learning Models

10/11/2022 Julian Hecker: Using machine learning in statistics: doubly robust inference

11/22/2022 Bernard Rosner: Two-stage model for time to breast cancer mortality among a cohort of initially disease-free women

——————————————————————–        2021        ————————————————————————–

07/30/2021 Orr Levey: Age-related loss of gene-to-gene transcriptional coordination among single cells

——————————————————————–        2020        ————————————————————————–

05/08/2020 Changjun Fan: FINDER: find key players in complex network using deep reinforcement learning

06/12/2020 Brett K. Beaulieu-Jones: Overcoming Obstacles for Practical Machine Learning in Healthcare

11/06/2020 Ye Yuan: Data driven discovery of cyber physical systems and an interpretable mortality prediction model for COVID-19 patients  

10/07/2020: Amir Bashan: Age-related loss of gene-to-gene transcriptional coordination among single cells  

——————————————————————–        2019        ————————————————————————–

07/19/2019 Eduardo Sontag : Dynamical aspects of antigen recognition, tumor/immune interactions, and spontaneous versus induced evolution of drug resistance during cancer treatment

07/12/2019 Shou-Wen Wang : Emergence of collective oscillations in adaptive cells

03/22/2019 Mauro Martino : Beautiful Bits – The beauty that excites in digital interfaces and artificial intelligence

03/19/2019 Yasser Omar : Introduction to Complex Quantum Networks

03/08/2019 Ginestra Bianconi : Multilayer networks: Structure and Function

02/11/2019 Hongfu Liu : Clustering, Multi-view Learning and Transfer Learning

02/08/2019 Nima Dehmami: Physical properties of minimally wired networks in 3D

01/29/2019 Louis Shekhtman: Resilience of networks with community structure

01/24/2019 Qi Song: Computational Analysis of Gene Regulations in Plants

——————————————————————–        2018        ————————————————————————–

11/07/2018: Guillermo Ramírez-Santiago : Model for Breast Cancer Diversity and Heterogeneity

09/28/2018: Honghuang Lin: Integrative omics study of atrial fibrillation: the Framingham Heart Study

07/23/2018: Pau Vilimelis Aceituno : Tailoring Dynamics in Recurrent Neural Network for Optimal Learning

07/13/2018: Gaogao Dong : Resilience of networks with community structure behaves as if under an external field

06/01/2018: Min Yu : Translating Artificial Intelligence into Health Care: Advances and Challenges

05/25/2018: Yannis Paschalidis : Distributionally Robust Learning and Applications to Predictive Health Analytics

04/05/2018: Sérgio Pequito : A Framework for Structural Input/Output and Control Configuration Selection of Complex Networks

03/23/2018: Chengxi Zang : Modeling the Dynamics of  WeChat Social System

03/09/2018: István Kovács : Network-based prediction of protein interactions

03/07/2018: Yutaka Shimada : From Networks to Time Series

——————————————————————–        2017        ————————————————————————–

10/6/2017 Vrushali Fangal : MIDAS – automatic translation of MechanIstic rules to DynAmic​ ​logic​ ​ruleS

8/11/2017 Tao Jia : Quantifying patterns of research interest evolution

7/28/2017 Mihir Pant : Quantum Computing and Percolation Theory

7/27/2017 Junming Huang : Exploring Gender Gap in Academia

7/19/2017 Jessie Lowell : Toward the Evolution of Modularity

6/16/2017 Lei Dai : Unraveling the Structure of Fitness Landscapes

6/2/2017 Arezou Ghazani : It Takes Two: The Complementary Roles of Constitutional And Tumor Genomes in Clinical Interpretation of Cancer

2/24/2017 Gang Yan : Network control principles unveil neuronal roles in C. elegans nervous system

2/7/2017 Michael Danziger : Beyond interdependent networks: bringing networks of networks to life

2/3/2017 Tina Eliassi-Rad : The Reasonable Effectiveness of Roles in Complex Networks

——————————————————————–        2016        ————————————————————————–
10/28/2016 Amar Dhand : Patients’ social networks and health outcomes

10/21/2016 Jorge Gómez Tejeda Zañudo : Network-based Dynamic Modeling and Control Strategies in Complex Diseases

10/19/2016 Jianhua Xing : Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition, Cancer Metastasis and Fibrosis

5/20/2016 Dmitry Korkin : The Variation Game: Studying Impact of Genetic and Post-Transcriptional Variations at the Systems Level 

4/29/2016 Yanxin Jia : Electrochemical Micro-Oscillator Networks

4/8/2016 Lenore Cowen : Diffusion-Based Metrics for Biological Network Analysis

3/25/2016 Kirill Korolev : Mutations slow down cancer

2/26/2016 Pankaj Mehta : Combining statistical physics with genome-wide datasets to understand cellular reprogramming dynamics

2/5/2016  Jianxi Gao : Universal Resilience Patterns in Complex Networks

1/29/2016 Abhijeet Sonawane : The role of epigenetic information in PANDA’s message passing model

1/22/2016 Benjamin J Hescott : CANDL – Coarsely Aligning Networks with Diffusion and Landmarks

1/15/2016 Navid Dianati : Unwinding the hairball graph: pruning algorithms for weighted complex networks

——————————————————————–        2015        ————————————————————————–

12/18/2015 Marco Tulio Angulo : Rigorous analysis of complex networked systems combining Network Science and System Theory

12/11/2015 Marieke Kuijjer : Identification of key regulatory pathways in ovarian cancer subtypes

12/04/2015 Feixiong Cheng : Marriage of Network Biology and Panomics Yields New Promises for Precision Cancer Medicine

11/20/2015 Nidhi Sahni: Widespread Interactome Network Perturbations in Human Genetic Disorders

10/30/2015 Xin Jiang: Finding shortest paths on networks based on quantum bosonic mechanism

10/23/2015 Bingbo Wang : Diversified Control Paths: A Significant Way Disease Genes Perturb the Human Regulatory Network

09/25/2015 Ingo Scholtes : Analysis of Non-Markovian Temporal Networks: Spectral Methods and Centrality Measures

09/18/2015 Raymond Fu : When Data Meet Uncertainty

09/04/2015 Junming Huang : Identifying and quantifying social influence in information propagation

06/19/2015 Marc Santolini : Towards a personalized approach to Heart Failure

06/12/2015 Yongjin Park : Understanding tissue-specificity through static networks

05/29/2015 Ruisheng Wang : Illuminating Drug Action by Network Integration of Disease Genes: A Case Study of Myocardial Infarction

05/15/2015 Assieh Saadatpour : Characterizing heterogeneity in leukemic cells using single-cell gene expression analysis

05/08/2015 JP Onnela : Incorporating contact network structure in cluster randomized trials

05/01/2015 Amitabh Sharmar : IDEAL: Impact of Differential Expression Across Layers in multiple omics networks associated with asthma 

04/17/2015 Damien Croteau-Chonka : (Journal Club) System Model Network for Adipose Tissue Signatures Related to Weight Changes in Response to Calorie Restriction and Subsequent Weight Maintenance

04/10/2015 Maksim Kitsak : Latent Geometry in Technological, Social and Biological Systems

04/03/2015 Navid Dianati : A family of network growth models with arbitrary degree distribution and high clustering from interacting random walkers in a metric space

03/20/2015 Wei Chen : Explosive percolation in random graphs

03/13/2015 Emre Guney :  Systematic drug efficacy screening using network-based drug-disease proximity

03/06/2015 Juan Fernandez Gracia : The power of a toy model: The Voter Model and presidential elections

02/20/2015 Yaonan Zhang : Estimating Network Degree Distributions Under Sampling: An Inverse Problem, with Applications to Monitoring Social Media Networks

02/06/2015 Avi Shapiro : Coevolutionary Dynamics of a Public Goods Game on a Network

01/23/2015  Shaoshuai Mou : Distributed Control of Multi-Agent Networks

01/16/2015  Istvan Kovacs : A unified data representation theory for network visualization, ordering and coarse-graining

——————————————————————–        2014        ————————————————————————–

12/12/2014   Megha Padi : Single-cell p53 dynamics in response to oncogenic activation

12/05/2014   Soumya Raychaudhuri : Disentangling effects of colocalizing genomic annotations to functionally prioritize non-coding variants within complex trait loci

11/21/2014    Lijun Peng : Bayesian Ridge-Regularized Covariance Selection with Community Behavior in Latent Gaussian Graphical Models

11/14/2014    Lei Dai : Spatio-temporal Dynamics Before Population Collapse

11/07/2014    Sriram Chandrasekaran : Predicting Cellular Metabolism using Genome-Scale Metabolic and Regulatory Network Models

10/31/2014    Daniel Larremore : A complex networks approach to understanding genetic recombination in malaria antigens

10/17/2014    Kimberly Glass : Integrating Epigenetic Information Into Message-Passing Network Models

10/10/2014    John Platig : Understanding Complex Traits with Complex Networks

09/12/2014     Endre Csóka :  What mathematicians can help you deal with large networks?

09/05/2014     Erzsébet Ravasz Regan  : Principles of dynamical modularity in biological regulatory networks

08/15/2014     (Samuel) Qing-Shan Jia :  Ordinal and Event-Based Optimization for Large Scale Networked Systems

07/02/2014     Eivind Almaas :   A story of biological networks